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High End is a small-scale building with 14 apartments ranging from approximately 45sqm to 95sqm and two living-work residences of 150 m2, ideal because of the flexible layout; the limit in business and residence is up to you. The look and feel is robust, transparent and sophisticated due to a wealth of glass and gold anodized aluminum. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow daylight to stream in. The net ceiling height of 2.85 meters lends the apartments a unique sense of space.
The architects designed magnificent outdoor spaces facing south and spanning the full width of the building, with integrated greenery. High End borders on a courtyard with trees.

The building spans 6 residential levels with 2 or 3 apartments per level. There is an option to combine residential/office use, for instance for a private practice, artist's studio or home office. 

Sustainable solutions such as solar panels and an energy-efficient heating system lead to lower utility costs. You can park your car in your own parking space in the garage, which is within walking distance of the building. You can park your bike safely indoors, in the private bicycle parking facility.




High End is situated at the Distelweg in Buiksloterham neighborhood in Amsterdam Noord; a robust emerging urban neighborhood  nestled in between Eye and NDSM. This part of Amsterdam is similar to New York's Williamsburg. Hip, adventurous and artistic are terms that suit this area in Noord. A mere 5-minute bicycle ride to the NDSM-grounds, home to shops and restaurants such as Pllek, Noorderlicht, Loetje aan het IJ and restaurant Smaaqt. 

Antiques, designer and sustainable items are available on De Van der Pekstraat and Buikslotermeerplein square hosts the weekly Saturday farmer's market.  

High End is 10 cycling minutes from the ferry, which crosses the IJ day and night. The A10 beltway is just 5 minutes away. 


Veerboot 900

Distelweg - Pontstijger

‘Buiksloterveer’ ferry was mentioned as early as 1308 as an important ferry crossing and is one of the Netherlands' oldest public transportation connections.

Restaurant Rolling Rock Kitchen a.k.a. The Rock

Distelweg 451

Simple, but good food and drinks in a phenomenal location on IJ. Laissez-faire is what it's all about here, the interior reflects the nature of Amsterdam-Noord: robust, balanced vintage. 

Van der Pekbuurt -

10 minuten fietsen 

An area with countless creative and artisanal businesses and wonderful shops. 

Such as Pek & Kleren

Van der Pekstraat 56-58

For beautiful clothing and on fleek gadgets, a farmer's market and an organic market with homade cakes and honey from the local beekeeper.


And restaurant Smaaqt,

Van der Pekstraat 79

For coffee, lunch and dinner, and a charming, secluded courtyard garden where you can sit back and unwind.

Restaurant Stork

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 201

A unique seafood restaurant in a renovated former factory hall. With a wide selection of dishes for seafood-lovers, from a classic plateaus of Fruits de Mer to the catch of the day.

Dish aan de kade

Johan van Hasseltkade 322

For shared dining, local living, breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. A bustling and stylish venue with a private waterfront terrace. Excellent food with a Mediterranean and Caribian flow and good music.

Van Dijk en Co

Papaverweg 46

Antiques trader and extremely popular among Amsterdam locals. Tables, chairs, amazing cabinets and much more, heaven on earth for bric-a-brac enthusiasts.

Mosveld Shopping Center 


An historic location, where for centuries, the former market was the place to be for locals to exchange produce and gossip. Today, it is the perfect place to get all of your daily groceries.  

NDSM-terrein -

5 minuten fietsen

From creative office spaces to innovative shops, and from trend-setting restaurants such as Plek en Loetje aan het IJ, to a supermarket, everything you need is right here. 


Behind the scenes, preparations for the construction and sale of High End are well underway.

Please leave us your details if you want to be updated.


We expect sales to start in January 2020. Projected completion of the building is in Q1 of 2021. The prices of the apartments have not yet been determined, the indicative price range is from approximately 300,000 to 800,000 euro. 

If you have any advance questions please send an email to info@highend-amsterdam.nl or call Broersma Makelaardij at T +31 (0)20 305 97 88.


Broersma Nieuwbouw
020 - 305 97 88


Koningslaan 14
1075 AC Amsterdam